5 Reasons to Use FMLA Administration Software

When I talk with HR departments about their FMLA "pain points" the number one issue is always around keeping track of all their leaves. They usually say something like "Well . . . it's kind of a mess" or "We use a few different methods."  

Here are 5 ways that good FMLA administration software can help solve that issue:  

    1. Centralized, Uniform Tracking. FMLA tracking software will help you to track all dates, paperwork, and communication electronically to help you simplify your FMLA tracking.  
    2. Eligibility Determination. Especially if you operate in states with their own leave laws or in multiple states, FMLA tracking software will determine the eligibility for you so that you don't have to worry about getting it right.  
    3. Paperwork Management. Good FMLA tracking software should generate, email, and store all the required paperwork for you. No more typing up, saving, printing, mailing the paperwork yourself.  
    4. Data, Data, Data! Do you know how many employees took an FMLA leave last year? Or how many hours they used? What month had the highest usage? Good FMLA tracking software will show you all this data, on demand, whenever you need it so that you can help your company make decisions around staffing, cross-training, policy updates, etc.  
    5. Documented Leave Notes. Your HR Business Partners should be able to log into a system and see exactly what's going on with an employee's leave, including start and end dates, intermittent frequencies, and notes about what's happening with the employee's leave. FMLA tracking software will support a collaborative environment by allowing everyone on the team to view leave information in an organized and consistent format.  

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