7 Things You Can Do for Simple FMLA Administration

Administering FMLA in-house can present some challenges. Here are 7 things you can do to simplify your process.

1) Use a tracking sheet to capture all leaves in one place. It’s important to keep all the documentation for each employee’s leave but creating a tracking sheet allows you to have a snapshot of all your active leaves without the need to pull an employee’s personnel file. Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access work great for this.

2) Add a filter to your tracking sheet so that you can easily sort by open or closed leaves, due dates, return to work dates, etc.

     Download a sample tracking form here for free.

3) Make it easy for health care providers to respond but adding your contact information and fax number or mailing address to the top of the Certification of Health Care Provider form.

     Download editable and DOL-compliant forms here for free.

4) Follow up with employees before their due date. Friendly reminders to help employees get their paperwork in on time will save you the step of extending their due date or denying their leave for failure to return the paperwork.

5) Use templates. Create a template for each type of leave so that there is minimal work in creating and sending the notice and certification form when an employee requests a leave. We recommend one template for an employee taking a leave for their own condition, one for an employee taking a leave to care for a family member, and one for an employee who is not eligible for FMLA.

6) Establish a weekly call with your STD and LTD carrier. Coordinating STD and LTD with your FMLA administration can be cumbersome. Set a weekly call with a representative from your 3rd party administrator so that you can get all your questions answered and discuss any complicated cases.

7) Set aside time to monitor your intermittent FMLA leaves. Block 1 hour a month to review timecards and absence patterns. Catching and correcting errors early will save you time in the long run.

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