All I Want for Christmas is to Outsource FMLA Management

Did you make your wish list and send it to the North Pole? If not, be sure to include "Outsourcing FMLA Management".  

You're a rock star Human Resources rep so I'm sure you're on Santa's "Nice" list.  

Let the "elves" at Leave Solutions remove the burden of FMLA administration from your workload in 2019.  

Okay, enough holiday puns. In all seriousness, here are 5 things that outsourcing your FMLA management can do for you . . .  

Five Things That Outsourcing FMLA Management in 2019 Will Do For You:  

  1. Guaranteed Compliance: You have 5 business days to send the FMLA Notice of Rights and Responsibilities to the employee after they trigger their FMLA rights. And only 5 business days to review their medical information and respond after they return it to you. Are you sure you're hitting all of those dates? Outsourcing your FMLA management means you don't have to worry about it.  
  2. Worry-Free Approvals and Denials: Interpreting what an employee's doctor is saying about thier health condition and time off of work can be intimidating. Let Leave Solutions review and make decisions for you.  
  3. FMLA Abuse Investigations: You probably have employees with intermittent FMLA that seem to use it to extend their weekends instead of just when they are truly sick, but where do you start with investigating it? Leave Solutions is one of the only FMLA administrators who will dig in and investigate on your behalf, including having difficult conversations with your employees and reaching out to the employee's physician directly to clarify information.  
  4. Help You to Achieve Your Strategic Goals: Chances are, you got into HR to help people, not to push paperwork around. Outsourcing FMLA will get that paperwork off your plate so that you can focus on your strategic projects and goals.  
  5. Allow You to Use Your Vacation Time: The U.S. Travel Associations' Project Time Off 2017 survey showed that 52% of American's let 705 million vacation days go unused. Leave Solutions will allow you to take that well-deserved vacation time without coming back to a stack of time-sensitive FMLA paperwork and employee questions.  

So make your list, check it twice, and then contact Leave Solutions. (That's the last lame holiday joke, we promise).  

Contact Leave Solutions at to request a quote or visit for more information. 

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