Five Ways to Improve Your FMLA Management in 2019

If you're like most HR professionals, FMLA administration is not something you look forward to. Here are five ways to streamline and simplify your FMLA process next year: 

  1. Automation. Using FMLA software to determine eligibility and generate paperwork will help you remove the busy work and allow you to focus on more strategic projects. Check out our software option here.  For a fraction of the cost of doing this yourself, you can use FMLA software to do it for you.                                                                                                                                                                    
  2. Templates. Are you drafting a custom email, letter, and forms for each employee's leave? Set up a template for each leave type so that you just add their name, leave dates, and then send it. For example, set up a template that includes a cover page with instructions, the FMLA Notice of Rights & Responsibilities, and the Certification of Health Care Provider Form for employees who are taking an intermittent leave for themselves, one for intermittent leave for a parent, one for continuous leave for themselves, etc. When an employee requests a leave you can go to the appropriate template, update a couple of lines, and then get it to the employee.  
  3. Reminders. Use conditional formatting in an excel tracking spreadsheet or Outlook reminders so that you don't miss any important due dates or return dates.  
  4. Hyperlinks. If you track your leaves with an excel spreadsheet, add hyperlinks to the employee's electronic folder or other documents so you can easily navigate between all your leave files. To add a hyperlink, highlight a cell in the spreadsheet, right click, and then select "Link". Check out Leave Solutions' free FMLA tracking template here to get started.  
  5. Electronic Storage.  Paper personnel files are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Keep your FMLA documents in a folder on your computer while the leave is open so that you have easy access and so your HR peers can view information about an employee's leave if they need to. When the leave closes, then you can print and file the documentation in the employee's paper personnel file.  

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