Why Use Leave Solutions Training?

“If I sat through one more “Advanced FMLA” training session that spent the first 20 minutes going over federal FMLA eligibility rules and other basics I was just going to lose it.” – Lindsay, Leave Solutions Owner and Consultant, on why they started offering FMLA training.

Leave Solutions offers basic FMLA training, but all the other training that’s offered assumes that you already know the basics and dives right into the real topic, so you get the full value out of each session.

Be sure to check out the Manager FMLA Training. It’s less than 20 minutes and teaches your managers what they need to know about FMLA without all the legalese.

“If you’re not training your managers on how to respond to FMLA requests and other conversations about an employee’s medical condition, then your process is broken before it starts. Most employees aren’t going to walk into the HR office and clearly articulate that they need to take a leave of absence and they want to apply for FMLA. They’re going to call in sick one day and then tell their manager that it’s because they’re caring for their terminally ill parent. That’s how an employee will trigger their FMLA rights. The manager need to know two things . . . 1) what to say to that employee in the moment, and 2) tell HR so that they can start the FMLA paperwork process.” – Lindsay

The course on FMLA metrics is also worth a look. It comes with an easy-to-use excel template so that you drop in your data and review your FMLA patterns and usage trends.

Why would that be important?

“You may review your trends and find that for two years in a row, June was a really popular month for continuous FMLA leaves. You probably can’t do much to change the leave pattern, but you can make recommendations to your company’s leaders about cross training and hiring temps around that time to help alleviate the pain of having all those employees off work at the same time.” – Lindsay

Or consider this example . . .

“We broke the data down by each region and found that there was one region in particular that had way higher intermittent FMLA usage. The HR Generalists for that region helped me dig in and we found out that the managers in that region had been trained to not approve days off (like, zero days off for any employees). Of course the employees resorted to using intermittent FMLA . . . it was the only way to get a day off.  We re-trained the managers on good scheduling practices and were able to reduce the intermittent FMLA usage in that region.” – Lindsay

Leave Solutions is so confident that you’ll gain knowledge and skills from their training that they offer full refunds if you are unsatisfied.

What are you waiting for? Head over to our training materials section.

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