About Leave Solutions

Leave Solutions is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and provides high-touch FMLA administration services for companies who want to outsource their FMLA without compromising the employee experience. We also cater to companies who want to learn how to confidently administer FMLA in-house by providing a variety of training courses designed and taught by seasoned experts. Read our glowing reviews.

Leave Solutions is owned and operated by Lindsay Lloyd, a 15-year veteran of the Human Resources profession. She enjoys helping employers with their struggles and guiding employees through the often-overwhelming amount of FMLA and leave of absence paperwork. Leave Solutions knows the latest rules, guidelines, requirements, compliance laws and best practices.

Lindsay Lloyd started Leave Solutions in 2016 because she saw a gap in the market when she tried to outsource the FMLA function for the company she was working for.

“As an HR professional, I wanted to outsource the FMLA function, but with a company that treats our employees how I would treat our employees. I didn’t want John, our 20-year janitor, whose wife was just diagnosed with cancer, whom I met at the company picnic last year, to have to talk to a call-center rep about his leave. And then talk to a different call center rep the very next day and re-explain his situation. And then call a different company for his medical insurance questions. I needed a company who could handle those situations with care and answer all of his questions . . . but that just didn’t exist in the market.”

Leave Solutions offers high-touch, personalized service for you and your employees. Their main function is administration, but they also coordinate with your short and long term disability programs, EAP services, and act as an advocate for your employees if they run into problems with any of their health benefits or disability pay while they’re on leave. You don’t “outsource” to Leave Solutions . . . you hire them as an extension of your HR department.

If you’re like most HR professionals, you find FMLA administration to be stressful and tedious. But not Lindsay...

We act as an advocate for the employer as well and have extensive experience with FMLA manager training and with addressing abuse cases.

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