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Simplify Your FMLA Tracking!
Keep track of your company's FMLA with this easy-to-use Excel template, including a summary page, an absence tracking sheet, and an individual tracking sheet for each employee's leave details.
FMLA Metrics

Download this easy-to-use Excel template and training course to learn how to summarize and predict FMLA patterns. The training course includes tips on how to communicate FMLA metrics to executives in a meaningful way to drive positive change for company policies, staffing practices, and fund HR supporting staff and functions.

Manager FMLA Training

Train your managers and supervisors on FMLA with this 15-minute session. This course provides an overview of FMLA regulations, but more importantly, it teaches managers how to listen for FMLA triggers in everyday conversations and react to inquiries and questions in a non-retaliatory way.